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Our Staff

Here at True Vision our staff is our greatest strength. Consistency and experience is the key. We have been able to gain valuable experience over the years not only in optics and eye care in general but also working together as a team. Despite an average age in our early 40’s, we average over 16 years in our field. A youthful enthusiasm for what we do serves our patients well (read testimonies by clicking on “What our patients are saying”). We work hard for you and have fun with you.

Our goal is to create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere which starts right when you walk in the door. We know many of our patients by name and treat all of them like family. So whether Barb is going over the various eye health options we offer or Angie is walking you through the ins and outs of your vision benefits, we are here with you. Whether Kim is explaining the why’s and how’s of your testing or Rich is bringing style and function together with your eyewear, we are here with you. Dr. Hopkins always invests the time her patients need. One of her best qualities is her ability to speak with you rather than talk over you. We have all been to an appointment and left feeling like the talk was too “doctory.” Not here. We find ways to relate information about your health and your care by having a conversation with you.

So if you’re looking for a big box store, flash and dash kind of eye exam, those places are out there for you. If you want shoddy, online made in China glasses with no oversight for conditions or quality just to get you by, those sites are out there for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for superior eyewear made by quality people who stand behind their products, we will be here with you. If you’re looking for an honest, thorough assessment of your eye health needs, we will be here in it with you. Come make a friend at True Vision.

Meet our team:


Greeting you at the front desk with a smile!  It's exciting to be a key part of a progressive, leading edge practice. It's one of my jobs though to make sure that you're comfortable being here and feel welcomed. We know the technology can be overwhelming for some patients. If you...


My job is to take you through the exam process from start to finish.  I will take a complete lifestyle history to determine how to best meet your visual needs.  Before you see the doctor, you will be tested with some of the most advanced equipment available to get all the information...


I help to ensure your visit is friendly and runs smoothly from check-in to check-out. I take pride in maintaining a fun yet professional office setting. With 18 years of optical experience, I can answer your questions and solve many of the problems you may have with your eyewear. If...

To all True Vision patients, customers and friends:

Dr Hopkins and the staff of True Vision want to say thank you for both your patronage and especially your patience during this uncertain time. The AOA and CDC have recommended that we reduce our services to emergencies only for the time being. We will remain available by phone to answer questions, place contact lens orders and schedule appointments for any emergency situations.  Dr. Hopkins is also available by way of FaceTime and Skype for Telemedicine.

Our service hours will be Tuesday and Friday ONLY 10 am-4 pm beginning Tuesday, April 7th until further notice. The office phone number is 740-277-7550 and voicemail is available for any questions or concerns outside of these hours. However, the office is closed to all walk-in traffic.

For our contact lens wearers:

If you need a supply of contacts for the next 2-3 months, we suggest placing an order ASAP as we can not predict how long suppliers will be filling orders. Also, Dr Hopkins will be extending contact lens prescriptions if necessary for 3 additional months without a new exam and fitting on a case by case basis. Lastly, orders of 2 or more boxes can be shipped to you at no additional cost if you prefer.

For our outstanding glasses orders:

You may either pick up your glasses on a drive-by/handoff basis (no adjustments) or we can mail them to you at no additional charge. This is not an ideal way to dispense eyewear but we are trying to follow social distancing guidelines.

We have more detailed information available on our website at

Finally, we are so grateful for all of our patients, customers and friends. Dr Hopkins’ ultimate goal for us here at True Vision is to be here for you as long as possible to do whatever we can and to be ready when the smoke eventually clears. Let’s all do what we can for each other by staying home when we’re able, washing our hands and being patient and kind to each other.

Our sincerest thanks,

Dr Anna K Hopkins and the staff at True Vision