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Managing Age Related Macular Degeneration

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Macular degeneration is an age related eye disease that affects the part of the back of the eye which is responsible for sharp, central vision, called the macula. A cure for age related macular degeneration (AMD) has not yet been discovered. However, there are treatments available which can help slow down the progression of AMD, and in some cases even improve vision. Speak to your eye doctor to gain an understanding of the risks and limitations involved in any treatment option for macular degeneration.

Dry vs. Wet Macular Degeneration

The approach for treating dry macular degeneration often involves a combination of zinc and antioxidants, which have been shown to reduce the effects of AMD. This only works if the macular degeneration is detected in its early stages, so it is really important to have a comprehensive eye exam to screen for macular degeneration yearly. Since AMD affects those over 60, those annual eye exams are extra important during these later years in life.

Wet macular degeneration tends to progress at a much quicker rate, leading to more devastating vision loss than the dry form. Treatment options for wet AMD are more rigorous, including laser eye surgery, intravenous light sensitive dyes, and blood vessel growth inhibiting medications which are injected directly into the eyes.

Left untreated, macular degeneration can cause irreversible blindness. The optometrists at our Lancaster, OH Practice work hard to preserve healthy eyesight for all our patients, and we can help detect and manage macular degeneration.

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