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Visual Field Testing

A comprehensive eye exam includes an assessment of the visual area around where you are focusing, to give a sense of how well you perceive visual data in your entire visual field.

Checking your peripheral vision is simple and non-invasive. At our eye care Practice, the optometrist doesn’t even use eye drops. You rest your chin and look through a viewfinder at a fixed point in front of you. When you see a light flash, you push a button. The lights are of varying brightness, and some are just to check that you’re paying attention. Each eye is examined separately and the entire process is under an hour, often much shorter. We use the data to determine how good your “side vision” is.

If you are undergoing a visual field test for a driving license, the test is even shorter, and the results will be sent to you in writing.

Peripheral vision is important. Visual field deficits can be a contraindication for driving and other tasks. The long type of visual field testing is usually carried out only if there are other indications of an eye condition or disease.