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All About True Vision

We believe the time we spend with our patients is a direct investment in the quality of their care. Compassionate patient care and a reliable commitment to service are our top priorities. We rely on a spirit of togetherness to create the fun, considerate atmosphere our patients tell us they appreciate so much. We are not a revolving door of basic eye checks. Those are easy to find. True Vision is a place where who you are and what you need is worth taking the time to get to know.

We trust in the marriage of technology and personalized patient care. Many of our patients tell us we give the most thorough examination they’ve ever had. This type of comprehensive care is particularly important for our patients with Diabetes. We offer nutritional information and testing as well as specialized vitamins to help patients individualize the way they manage their own care in between visits. Dr. Hopkins also manages and treats many Glaucoma patients without having to refer them out to a specialist. Our newest area of focus is Dry Eye Disease. New ways to diagnose and treat the symptoms of Dry Eye are emerging all time. The good news for you is Dr. Hopkins is up to date on all of them!

Personalized care doesn’t begin and end with your eye exam. Our optician takes great pride in finding the perfect eyewear to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s modifying a lens design to improve site on the gun range or customizing a frame design and lens shape to make that perfect pair of glasses, we can bring your ideas to light!

Are you a nearsighted glasses wearer who is tired of depending on those glasses on the night stand just to see the alarm clock? Dr. Hopkins is the only local physician offering Ortho-K contact lenses as an alternative treatment for myopia, or nearsightedness. Or are you a patient who has had to give up or thought you could never wear contacts at all? She specializes in finding the right lens and fit to give you the glasses-free alternative you’ve been looking for!

Basically, at True Vision Eyecare, we believe in people. It sounds a little corny maybe, but we believe people make all the difference. Bait and switch gimmicks are everywhere in our industry. A little more trust in old fashioned values is just what we need.

To all True Vision patients, customers and friends:

Dr Hopkins and the staff of True Vision want to say thank you for both your patronage and especially your patience during this uncertain time. The AOA and CDC have recommended that we reduce our services to emergencies only for the time being. We will remain available by phone to answer questions, place contact lens orders and schedule appointments for any emergency situations.  Dr. Hopkins is also available by way of FaceTime and Skype for Telemedicine.

Our service hours will be Tuesday and Friday ONLY 10 am-4 pm beginning Tuesday, April 7th until further notice. The office phone number is 740-277-7550 and voicemail is available for any questions or concerns outside of these hours. However, the office is closed to all walk-in traffic.

For our contact lens wearers:

If you need a supply of contacts for the next 2-3 months, we suggest placing an order ASAP as we can not predict how long suppliers will be filling orders. Also, Dr Hopkins will be extending contact lens prescriptions if necessary for 3 additional months without a new exam and fitting on a case by case basis. Lastly, orders of 2 or more boxes can be shipped to you at no additional cost if you prefer.

For our outstanding glasses orders:

You may either pick up your glasses on a drive-by/handoff basis (no adjustments) or we can mail them to you at no additional charge. This is not an ideal way to dispense eyewear but we are trying to follow social distancing guidelines.

We have more detailed information available on our website at

Finally, we are so grateful for all of our patients, customers and friends. Dr Hopkins’ ultimate goal for us here at True Vision is to be here for you as long as possible to do whatever we can and to be ready when the smoke eventually clears. Let’s all do what we can for each other by staying home when we’re able, washing our hands and being patient and kind to each other.

Our sincerest thanks,

Dr Anna K Hopkins and the staff at True Vision